Guilty Pleasures: Kid Food

As I ripped open a box of Velveeta Shells & Cheese for dinner last night, I felt a little guilty.

You see, the kids had already had their dinner (seared chicken breast), and were fast asleep in bed (thankyouverymuch), and here, my husband and I are getting ready to gorge on a meal SO kid-friendly it nearly screamed, “Mooooommmmm, why are you eating that yummy cheesiness when we had chicken for our dinner?!”


Because, not only did we share a box of ooey-gooey mac ‘n cheese, we also had hot dogs. Not even grilled or broiled hot dogs. BOILED hot dogs, cut up and stirred into the mac ‘n cheese.


(I’m almost embarrassed to be writing this, except I know that you guys all have your own guilty pleasure kid-ish foods too.)


This cheesy, creamy, salty, bowl of goodness is totally worth the little pang of guilt every once and a while.



What’s your guilty kid-food pleasure?

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    I had a good giggle while reading this post. My boyfriend has 2 kids and we’ve been trying to instill healthy eating habits into them…but every once in awhile he and I will go eat tacos or burgers or go grab some ice cream at the old fashioned ice cream parlor…without the kids. I get that twinge of guilt too. ;)

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    Great Post! Mac-n-cheese with hotdogs is a guilty pleasure at my house too…and we don’t even have kids! I first made it by following a Nancy Drew cook book back when I was 8! That recipe called them hotdog “coins”…LOL. I have however switched to Annie’s Organic White Cheddar,whole wheat Pasta and Organic uncured hotdogs ;)

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    I used to love Nancy Drew when I was young! Maybe that’s where my initial love for this started…. I’ll have to try it with Annie’s – that’s the best boxed w/powder, imo!


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