Musings: How To Spend A Gift Card

Actually, the title of this should be “How to spend a gift card?” And emphasize the question mark.

I received a $100 gift card to Williams-Sonoma for Christmas. You’d think spending that little sucker would be easy as pie, right? But I’m stuck on a few things:

1. I don’t want to spend more than the $100 on my gift card.

2. The one thing I really want, Williams-Sonoma doesn’t have:


3. I can’t decide between the five other things in my basket, which range from a juicer to a food processor to a new set of everyday plates.

When my husband and I got married eight years ago, we registered for regular, everyday plates. They’ve held up well, with a chip here and there, and only one or two plates that have broken beyond usability. They’re pretty, in a utilitarian gray stoneware kinda way. But I’m ready for something different – something crisp and white.

Williams-Sonoma has fancy schmancy expensive plates (*gulp* over $300 a place setting!!!), but they also have what they call “Pantry” sets. I almost overlooked them, because they’re kind of buried amongst all the expensive stuff.

But, for under $100 I can get six dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, and cereal bowls…and maybe something else small. Sounds like a steal, right?

What would you buy with $100 to Williams-Sonoma?
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  1. says

    That’s a good point. I feel like some new plates, too! I’m having the same “problem”. I have a 100 dollars to Sur La Table and I’ve spent it ten different ways! I feel your pain.

  2. says

    I have eight year old wedding present dishes too, I would go with the dishes. But, I get their emails, and that is one place I too would have trouble figuring out how to use $100!!


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