Top 3 Worst Monday Morning Blog Messages

I am bringing this post to you from the warmth of my husband’s brand new, really big, clean laptop.
Since this is not MY laptop, I don’t get to do things like – post photos I’ve taken.
Why am I not simply using my own laptop?
Because it’s not cooperating. It’s not loading. It’s telling me Google Chrome is broken. It’s taking five minutes to get from one page to another, and that’s if I’m lucky for a page to load at all.
I think I may have a virus. But who has time to check that out? Not me, but I guess I’ll have to make time.
Anyway, all of this, on a Monday morning – for a blogger, that’s horrible! And even if things haven’t quite gotten¬†apocalyptic, there are still three things every blogger shudders to see happen as they get ready to write:
All three happened to me today from the luxury of my own little laptop at 5:30am when I typically write my posts. Yippee-skippy!
I had planned to share all my goodness (with photos!) from my visit to Bloggy Boot Camp in Boston this past weekend, but nope! It will have to wait.
A lesson on patience, my friends.
For me.
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  1. says

    Aww, I am sorry that your Monday didn’t start off on the right foot. My old laptop used to play these sort of games. Now I have a MAC and things couldn’t be better.


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