September 6 | National Coffee Ice Cream Day

September 6 is National Coffee Ice Cream Day.

When I was a little kid the thought of coffee flavored ice cream made me wretch, and yet my mother always kept a pint in our freezer. They say your taste buds change and mature over time, and if re-tasting coffee ice cream as a grownup is any indication of this transition, then I agree 100%, because it’s now one of my favorites.


Caffeine or not, coffee flavored ice cream has a brightness to it that’s refreshing and stimulates the senses. A perfect treat on a warm, sunny day. Or delicious as a nightcap in the evening while you settle in with a favorite book before bed – assuming, of course, that you’re like me and a little caffeine in the evening doesn’t affect your sleeping.


I’ve whipped up homemade ice cream before, but never coffee flavored.


But The Shoebox Kitchen has. And, boy, does it look gooooood. So, there’s that.


Do you like coffee ice cream?

September 6 is National Coffee Ice Cream Day, ice cream recipes, coffee ice cream, dessert


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